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This training encompasses all aspects of safe tracheostomy care, giving a practical insight for students from a nurse with first-hand experience. 


The tracheostomy training course will outline the fundamentals, including the anatomy & physiology of the airway, along with the more complex aspects of managing a tracheostomy device, such as how to change a tube, how to manage stoma care, how to change dressings & tapes, and how to apply suctioning.

Other important aspects of the tracheostomy training include a practical session where students can practise completing tracheostomy cares & tube changes on our tracheostomy ‘doll’, managing any complications that may arise and developing skills to know what action would need to be taken if such an emergency arose.

All the training is delivered by a registered nurse with first hand clinical experience of caring for patients with a tracheostomy, and is delivered in a professional, safe environment where asking questions is very much encouraged.


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